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Old Perithia

Old Perithia or Palea Perithia is one of the oldest permanently inhabited villages in Corfu. Set at over 400 metres above sea level in an area of outstanding beauty and scenery, views reach to the sea on one side to the imposing Mount Pantokratora on the other, with rolling valleys in between. Most of the 130 houses are now derelict ruins, some of them have been repaired, tavernas set up and one of the buildings has been turned into a bed and breakfast. Built in the Byzantine times around the 14th century the village inhabitants grew when people left their coastal properties seeking the safety of the mountains away from pirate attacks on the shore, they could also warn Kerykra Town of any imminent attacks by lighting beacons. Here they enjoyed the luxury of seeing the coast without being seen themselves and soon the village prospered and 8 churches were built in the village. There are plenty of beautiful walks in this area and much to be explored.

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