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Palaiokastritsa Corfu

Palaiokastritsa ( meaning Old Castle place, referring to nearby Angelokastro) is a village in the North West of Corfu.
One of the most famous tourist resorts of Corfu, not without a reason. The well-known landscape, which combines the harshness of the cliffs, the green which overwhelms the whole place and the six small bays with the unbelievably crystal water on a beach with hills and capes covered by olive trees, cypress trees and lemon trees. Several of these small beaches are only accessible by boat or on foot.

Corfu has been suggested to be the mythical island of the Phaeacians, and the bay of Palaiokastritsa to be the place where Odysseus disembarked and met Nausicaa for the first time.
Several people claim that the mythical palace of Alkinoos , who, according to Homer , welcomed Ulysses , was here. Actually, the locals can show you a cliff which they call the stone ship of Ulysses. According to Homer , when Poseidon realized that the Phaecians had helped Ulysses fo to Ithaca , he got really angry and he punished them by turning their ship into stone as soon as it had approached the port , coming back from Ithaca.
Here you can visit the historic Byzantine monastery of Vigin Mary Palaiokastritissa , built on the relics of fortresses. Besides, the name Virgin Mary Palaiokastritissa means Virgin Mary of the old castle . The monastery in Palaiokastritsa dates from 1225.


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