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“Palia Manavika” are next to the preserved village of Varousi and show an evolutionary course in their long history. In the past, in this area, the bronze market and the market for the goldsmiths were hosted, while for a period in the 1920s the region became infamous, since it garnered the city’s tolerance houses, the so-called “narrow”, ouzeries and taverns that were crowded by the famous musical composer Vasilis Tsitsanis. Today, fully renovated, to a greater extent, the shops have become traditional taverns, restaurants and bars, preserving their traditional form and their continuity over time.
The wall painting in Palia Manavikas, which occupies an area of ​​150m2, is a great impression. It was created in the framework of the transnational project “Integrated Interventions of Urban Development in Local Small Scale Areas in Agios Oikounios of Trikala”, is unique in its kind and renders, in a realistic way, the representation of our everyday life: Pictures from the balconies of the houses, the musicians, the singers on the balconies, the folk market with the housewives to make their shopping and the children to play casually in the game of the neighborhood. Pictures simple, everyday but also so popular. The excellent work of the painters and the elaborate lighting give another glamor to the neighborhood as the fresco transports the visitor, conceivably, to yesterday in the area.


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