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Koundouros KEA

Preserved in excellent condition, this shipwreck is impressive, even for experienced divers.
Patris (meaning homeland), a paddle steamer of exceptional shipbuilding design for its time, lies sunken off the southwestern part of Kea, a Cyclades island. Following a misjudgment by the captain on February 28, 1868, the boat slammed onto the reef at the island’s Koundouros bay. All  500 or so passengers on board were rescued. They were on their way from Piraeus port to the island of Syros. Diving here reveals one of the world’s most impressive shipwrecks. The steamer has been cut into two. The two pieces lie within short distance of each other. One part of the boat sits in shallow water (18 meters) and is easily accessible. Its other part, sitting deeper, at 35 meters, demands greater diving experience. While exploring the boat, also explore the marine life above the reef.

Tip: Only one of the steamer’s two paddle wheels may be seen. The other one was lifted and is nowadays located on Syros.


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