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Pelouzo islet is located in the bay of Laganas, 2 nautical miles from Dafni Beach. It is slightly hilly, with a single beach with exceptionally white and fine sand. The island belongs to the National Marine Park and so it is forbidden to navigate the sea area as well as stay on the island after sunset.

The uninhabited island of Pelouzos, (today Calonissi) during Venetian rule was granted by the Catholic monastery of Agios Frangiskos, which belonged to the monk Aggelos Salviatis. Salviotis built there, in 1705, the monastery of Evangelistria and the holy temple of the Virgin Mary. Later the islet passed into the hands of the Komotos family, where it belongs today. The monastery suffered great damage in the Second World War when it was bombarded by the Germans. It was totally destroyed by the earthquake of 1953. This particular tower may have protected the monastery’s harbor (or, in any case, the only accessible coast), something similar to the towers to the Arsanades of Agio Oros. Logically, it was built at the same time as the monastery, that is, at the beginning of the 18th century.

So the only way to approach the island is swimming. From Daphni beach you will have to swim about 2 hours, so it is a good idea to have a canoe for rest and supplies.



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