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Perama cave

Perama Cave is geologically linked to the presence and evolution of Lake Pamvotis. Dated to about 1.5 million years it was part of the lake’s riverbed section when the waters of Pamvotis covered the entire basin of the city of Ioannina and the hill Goritsa was an island.
The cave is part of the bed of an underground river and was formed in the pre-Quaternary period, about 1.5 Million years ago. The river formed three cave levels. The most famous feature in this cave is the stalagmite known as the Cross.The total surface area of the cave is 14.800 sq.m and the tour walk about 1.100m.In 1956 the tooth of a cave bear, the first ever discovered in Greece, was found in this cave by Anna Petrocheilou. Perama Cave of Ioannina has a tourist train with two carriages closed and heated capacity (50) persons. It transports guests from the free central parking of Perama to the Cave.

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