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Petalioi islands

Petalioi : An island complex in south-east of Euboea.It consists of 10 small islands and islets almost all uninhabited. The islands of the complex are: Megalonisos, Chersonisi, Avgo, Lamperousa, Louloudi, Makronisi, Pontikoniso, Praso, Tragos and Founti. The largest of them is Megalonisos.
The beaches in Petalioi islands are simply marvelous! Paradesian, exotic waters with transparent blue-green color, remind you of Carribean isands, just one hour from Athens.
The settlement Panagia is located in the Great Island of Petalioi.
During the Turkish occupation the islands were the estate of Omer Bey which obtained after donation of the Turkish Admiral Topal Pasha. In 1871 sold to King George A. King bequeathed to his son. The Crown Prince George, in 1915 sold the owner Mari Embeiriko, in the heirs of which belong to the present.
The beaches on Petalioi islands are tiny treasures hidden in natural coves with emerald waters, ideal for swimming, surfing, sailing and diving. Access to all of them is only by boat. The area has been awarded from National Geographic as one of the 10 international sailing destination.


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