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Cave Petralonon Chalkidiki

The bejewelled with stalagmites and stalactites Petralona Cave has been developed on the western side of the limestone Katsika mountain (~700 m height) and 300 m above sea level, the visitor will come across a real miracle of nature. The Cave was spotted in 1959 by the inhabitant of the Petralona village Philippos Chatzaridis and it became internationally known when the fossilized skull of Petralona man was found by a group of six men (three of them scientists), guided by another villager, Christos Sariannidis. (More info:
The reason for the Petralona Cave with countless impressive stalactites and stalagmites, discovered in 1959 by a resident of the area.
One of the most important finds in the cave is Petralona’s famous petrified skull. His research proved that Petralona Archanthropus (i.e. an archaic Homo sapiens) has an age of about 700.000 years ago, which is the oldest known Europeoid man.
Among the fossils of the extinct species found in the Cave lions, hyenas, bears, panthers, elephants, rhinos, megacerines, bisons, and various species of dears and equids (horse like) are included, as well as 25 species of birds, 16 species of rodents and 17 species of bats.


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