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Preveli beach is one of the most famous beaches of Crete. Officially the name of the area is Finikas, located in South Crete, about 40 km from Rethymno. On the beach there is also the mouth of the Kourtaliotis River, which has enough water and in the summer before spilling into the sea forms a small lagoon. Behind the beach and along the lake and the river there is a small forest of palm trees that looks like an exotic place. The visitor can enjoy the beach with the amazing sandy beach with cold, crystal blue waters, swim in the lake, walk in the palm grove, and climb the river.

Access to the beach is done in three ways:
1) Follow the signs for Preveli Monastery and 1.5 km after it ends and the road is parked. You start the downhill course, 500 m long, about 15 to 30 minutes, and you reach paradise.
2) For this route you need to have a 4X4 car because it has enough dirt road about 5 km and in some places difficult passage. You will reach Drimiskiani Gialia Beach and from there there is a shorter and easier 350m long path with less altitude difference.
3) The easiest access is by boat starting at Plakias Rethymnon at approximately 10 am and returning at 4 pm


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