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About 500m before Mikro Papingo, on your left you will see the river of Rogovo and a wooden sign that informs you about the fountains. After you leave the road, follow the path and at 2-3 you will find yourself in front of the first backyards. The stream from this point narrows and becomes essentially a small gorge. The spectacle you see is beautiful and with little care you can continue without a trail for another 10 until you find some of the rest, the verticality and sliding of the walls of the small canyon make your continuance for the most prohibitive. The route is not great and surely the scenery and the beauty of nature will reward you. The water is always cold and the little braves who swim in the river try to make dives. Even if you prefer hot water for your dives you can rest and enjoy the tranquility of this unique nature. The dense vegetation, the waterfalls, the rocks and the successive “pools” create a fairytale scenery that only those who see it can fully understand its beauty. After all, the story says that even Ali Pasha of Ioannina enjoyed his bathing in the swimming pools during the summer months.


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