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Casa Romana, Kos

The Roman House or Casa Romana is a beautiful well-preserved building with special decoration. It is located in the capital of the Kos. This large-sized building dates back to the early 3rd century AD and features 36 rooms and 3 outdoor spaces. Most of them are decorated with mosaic floors that depict mainly animals and seabed. Also in the house are saved statues and marbles, dating back to the end of the Hellenistic period.

Until 1933 the Roman house was buried on the ground. A major earthquake in 1933 was the occasion for excavations, as they knew that under the ruins of the buildings there were ancient monuments. The Italian archaeologist Laurenzi undertook the excavation and the Roman House came to light. The Italians, who then occupied the island, proceeded to the complete reconstruction of the house, which was completed in 1940.


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