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Ayios Nektarios Aigina

Near Palaiochora, on the road to Souvala, lies the impressive Monastery of Ayios Nektarios, one of the largest monasteries in the Balkans. It was built in the 20th Century (between 1904 and 1910) on the site of a small Byzantine monastery.

A massive, recently-built church sits up on a hill in the inland area known as Kontos on Aegina island, just a few miles from the port. Built for the most recent Greek Orthodox saint – Agios Nektarios – it is visited by large numbers of people every year, many of them seeking help from this miracle-working saint, who died in 1920. Near the church is a complex of buildings which include chapels, a store selling icons, holy oil, candles, postcards and the like, the old house in which the holy man lived, and the monastery inhabited by a small community of nuns who tend to the spiritual needs of those who come to seek solace and healing.

Video by: Ioanna Drimoura


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