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According to the island’s tradition, when Apostle Paul passed through Samothrace he landed in the Ancient City’s port which nowadays is called Paliapoli (Old City). In memory of this event, a three-aisled Early Christian church was constructed at that place. For its construction locals used pieces from architectural parts of ancient buildings. On the northern side of Samothrace, at the 7th kilometer of the road from Kamariotissa to Therma, at a green landscape, is the so-called “Stasidi”, a modern monument-pilgrimage which was constructed in memory of the Apostle Paul who visited the island. In memory of his travel to Samothrace, the Metropolis of Alexandroupolis, in cooperation with the Municipality of Samothrace, they constructed the monument, at the area where Apostle Paul walked and spent the night, so that there would be a point of reference at the island for all those who wish to follow his footsteps starting from this point here.

Every year, on the 29th of June, they honor the memory of Apostle Paul with a vigil that is carried out at Stasidi on the night of the day before.


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