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Sanctuary of great gods , Samothrace

The Sanctuary of the great gods is located next to Paleopolis, the ancient city of Samothrace. The sanctuary was built in the 7th century BC. Here took place ceremonies dedicated to the great gods during the Greek and Roman antiquity. Still, it has not been clarified who exactly were the Great Gods to be worshiped.

The Sanctuary of the Great Gods includes an area of ​​50 acres and buildings, that confirm the classic Hellenistic architecture. Among the ancient buildings stand out the Palace, where took place the first phase of Kaviera sacraments, the monumental gates (Propylaea) of Ptolemy B Temple, where took place the second phase of ceremony. Furthermore, we reccomend you to visit Temenos, a large marble building with a central position in the worship of the Great Gods. The Arsinoe Dome and the Sacred Rock are more two sites, that it is worth it to make a stop to admire. Apart from that, the fountain, where was standing the statue Niki of Samothrace, fascinates every visitor. Now the statue is accomodated in the exhibition of the Louvre Museum in Paris.


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