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Σαπιέντζα Οινούσες

Sapienza Island
It is located opposite Methoni and is the most beautiful and most important island of Oinousses. The only beach on the island is Ammos, located in its northern part, opposite Methoni, but it compensate the visitor with its beauty. It is protected from the winds and due to its small port is easily accessible. The landscape of Sapienza is green with slopes covered by low vegetation, surrounded by dense bushes and crystal clear waters. At the center of the northern part of the island, in the created valley between the small mountains, you will find the only one arbutus forest in Mediterranean Sea. The remarkable thing is that arbutus are trees, their height is greater than 10 meters, and not bushes as we meet them more often.
The beautiful forest of arbutus and the surrounding area, in a total area of 24 hectares, has been designated since 1986 as a “monument of nature”.
In the center of the island, the vegetation is replaced by a plateau, with a peculiar yellow-orange rock, which was formed by the accumulation of huge quantities of pollen and is a source of information for scientists about the age of the forest and the region. The site is named Spartolakka and is a major attraction of Sapienza Island.
In this lush vegetation and stunning surroundings, Cretan wild goats exist (the known Kri Kri), approaching the population of 200 animals. Also, in the area, there are wild sheeps (mouflon) and several species of birds (pheasants, grouses, woodcocks, thrushes, etc.).
The hunting is allowed on the island but under very strict conditions and with continuous and intensive monitoring.
Further south and after the narrowest point of the island (Lamos), an enclosed bay is formed, Porto Longo, serving as a safe anchorage for visitors. If you are approaching Porto Longo from the sea, at the entrance of the bay you will see the islet of Bomba, full of legends, according to them, there Apostle Paul had gone when he met a strong storm on the road to Rome.
The natural harbor of Porto Longo is the beggining of a trail leading to the lighthouse of Sapienza, a beautiful and impressive building, 18 meters high, created by Englishmen around 1890. The 75 stone steps lead to the top of the lighthouse with the stunning views of the island and the surrounding area.
The west coast of Sapienza is rocky and wild, except the quiet bay of Maneta. North of this bay and just before Visouni Cape, the steep cliffs have named “skipjack” from the local fishermen due to the large quantity of skipjack passing from there.


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