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Stefanou beach is located at the position of Seitan Limania (i.e. satan harbours), 22km northeast of Chania and 2km east of the village Chordaki, at the east side of Akrotiri Cape. The wider area is named Seitan Limania, after the wild landscape, the steep cliffs and the strong sea streams which are considered dangerous. Here are situated three parallel narrow coves, well protected from the waves. In the northern cove a tiny fantastic beach is shaped, with deep azure waters, namely the beach of Stefanou. The beach has fine pebbles and sand, transferred there from the nearby quarry through the canyon Diplohahalo. On the right and the left sides of the cove, huge marble rocks are standing high to protect the beach from the bad weather. The fame of the beach has faced a rapid increase since 2010, some years after the asphalt road reached the place; the beach is crowded in during peak season. There is a narrow steep path starting from the parking place and leading to the beach, so make sure you wear sneakers. If you are dealing with canyoning, after 1-1.5 hours of crashing into a rocky landscape and with the aromas of thyme surrounding you, you will find yourself in paradise. The largest rappel (waterfall) has a height of 38 meters, while few know that in the middle there is an unknown cave with excellent decoration, about 20 meters long.


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