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Seven Springs is the refreshing and relaxing haven for travelers on the island of Rhodes. Seven Springs are located near the village of Archangelos, 30 km from the city center of Rhodes. The route to Seven Springs and the ravine with the plane trees and the pine trees are of great natural beauty. Through the width of the ravine there are bridges, a lake with ducks and the Rhodian gizani.

The Tunnel of Seven Springs has a length of 150 meters and in the middle there is a well which serves as a light and air duct with a depth of 13 meters. Passing through the tunnel and walking through the water, it feels to be in another dimension.

Passing through the 150-meter tunnel, we reach the lake. The lake has a depth of 1 to 8 meters and a length of about 200 meters and one can swim. It is an artificial lake created thanks to the construction of a dam by the Italians. The Lake of Seven Springs is the only place in Rhodes where one can swim in fresh water and enjoy the coolness of the running water and the forest surrounding the lake . After going out of the tunnel, one has to go left to reach the dam with the waterfall.


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