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Natural Park Siteia

The Natural Park of Siteia in the European and Global Geoparks Network
The reasoning behind this decision is that Siteia’s territory has abundant mammal fossils of the Pleistocene Epoch (2,588,000 to 11,700 years ago, last part of the Quaternary Period). The on site discovery of three fossils of the elephant-like Deinotherium giganteum, the extensive cave systems and the palaeo-shorelines around Zakros are unique to Crete. Furthermore the site’s most significant characteristic is the large number of karsts on the surrounding limestone environment. More than 170 caves and numerous gorges have been found in the area.

Siteia’s Geopark runs throughout the east side of Crete including areas of Siteia, Itanou and Lefkis as well as the shorelines from North to South. The most renowned areas within the park are: Zakros, Palaiokastro, Ziros, Xerokampos, Sitanou and Karydiou. The integration of the park in the European and Global Geoparks Networks is expected to significantly contribute in promoting and enhancing Siteia’s natural environment, tourism, local economy and the promotion of its rich cultural heritage and local products.

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