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Hot Springs Kamena Vourla

Kamena Vourla thermal springs are classified by specialists as the most important in Greece and generally in Europe.

The springs were created from the geological transformations of the Maliakos Gulf and of the Kallidromos-Knimis Massif. They became famous due to their rare composition of minerals, salts and radon.
The thermal springs of Kamena Vourla, which gush forth at the foot of Mount Knimis, have varied levels of temperature and radioactivity. There are:
The radioactive springs
The hydrogen sulphide-chloride spring
The ferruginous spring
The cosmetic spring of Aphrodite
The temperature of the springs is 35o – 36o C and their waters are suitable for many different health problems, such as chronic rheumatisms, kidney, skin and gynecological diseases.


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