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St. Mark's Square Zakynthos

St. Mark’s Square (or Platyforos) was the most important social center of Zakynthos. The personalities of the letters had the square as a meeting point and exchanged views. There have also been many historical events that marked the political developments in Zakynthos. In this square in 1797 the Popolaroi burned the Libro D`Oro (golden book) of the high society. In St. Mark’s Square was the historic casino of the island, which was the place of the Liberals’ meeting. With the earthquakes of 1953 it was destroyed and post-earthquake in its place was built “Mausoleum of Solomos, Kalvos and eminent Zakynthians” which is the most important building of the square. Still dominating the square the traditional clock of the Forum, which was rebuilt again with the beautiful building of the Ionian bank (alpha bank). Today the square is full of stone. Apart from historic buildings, there are taverns, cafes, gift shops. It is the attraction of many visitors every year and Zakynthians. Also, many festive and cultural events take place throughout the year After this square begins the most commercial street of the city (Al. Roma) while it is connected to Solomou square with a paved pedestrian street.


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