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Τhe beautiful bridge of Paleokarya was built somewhere between 1500 and 1550, it has a length of 26 meters, an arc opening of 19 meters and a height from the river bed 10 meters, while behind it a 12 meter high waterfall, which continues to a lesser height 2 meters, creating a beautiful image. It is a one-arched stone bridge. The river that passes through the spot is Paleokaritis and if we continue our journey we reach the gorge of Paleokarya where there is still a watermill.

The bridge of Palaiokarya connected Thessaly to Epirus and was a busy route of that time, of course today it is not used. It is, however, a monument of old, perfectly suited to the natural scenery around it. The bridge frames steep, high rocks with a lot of low vegetation and trees. A large and rare variety of herbs and wildflowers adorns during the spring and summer periods the whole area of ​​the mountainous landscape of the gorge. In terms of fauna in the steep rocks, the sloping slopes and the forests, almost all the wild animals and birds of the wider region of Trikala are nestled and endemic. Eagles, gypsies and vultures sink incessantly with their light flying rainbow space of the ravine and give it a distinct magnificence and exciting spectacle.

In front of the bridge of Palaiokarya there is a hangout, a space that offers a short stay in the area. Only 5 minutes away from the bridge of Palaiokarya is the old watermill. It is worth visiting to see how the flour production process takes place in a traditional way. Entrance to the watermill is free. Also nearby is the village Ropoto Trikalon, the village that sinks.

To visit the stone bridge you must follow the route from Trikala Gate to Stournareika. Before Stournareika, after the turn you meet a sign for Ropoto continue straight until you see the signs for Ano – Mesi and Kato Palaiokarya after a few meters, follow these signs and immediately after the small bridge you will go left on the dirt road (it has a sign) and within 100 meters is the stone bridge of Paleokaria.

Video by: Elias Chatzigeorgiou


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