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Stone Bridge Pyli Trikala. The diachronic “gate” from Trikala to the area of ​​Aspropotamos was built in 1514 with the funding of Saint Bessarion (then Metropolitan of Larissa), it is 67 meters long, a maximum height of 30 meters and crowns the shores of Portaikos. It takes its name from the nearby town Pyli (1.5 km), also referred to as the bridge of Porta and “connects” the mountains of Itamos and Koziakas, and by the end of the 1930s it was the only passage from the lowland tribal villages to the South Pindos. One kilometer further – alongside the riverbed – the most important religious monument of the place is the Byzantine Porta Panagia. The bridge is single-pointed with a semicircular arc, entirely made of stone. The opening of her arc is 28.76 m on its eastern side and 28.99 m on the west side. The maximum height of the arc reaches 12.77 m. Its total length is 65.67 m and the width of its deck is 2.10 m. Its construction was aimed at the unique, until the beginning of the 20th century, road connection between Thessaly and Epirus. Thanks to the purity of the river water activities such as swimming and fishing are permitted.

Video by: Δήμος Πύλης


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