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The Cave of the Nymphs

North of the town Vathy is the Cave of the Nymphs, which is a cave sanctuary, dedicated to the Nymphs. Apart from its geological interest (stalactites and stalagmites), the cave is also mythological importance as it is said that Odysseus hid here the presents that were given to him by the Feakes. It is located at an altitude of 190 meters above the beach of Dexa were Feakes abandoned Odysseus asleep. The paved road leads to the contemporary entrance, where via a ladder and a descend of ten meters we can approach the cave of the Nymphs. The cave has two entrances, one for the mortals and one for the Gods. One of the entrances, that is near the sea, is no more accessible while the other is open but only until the first level as the landslides have made it inaccessible. The cave is also known as “Marmarospilia”.


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