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The Zakros Gorge

The Zakros Gorge or Gorge of the Deads, is one of the most beautiful in Crete, with archaeological, geophysical and ecotourism interest. It was called Gorge of the Deads because the ancient Minoans used the caves in its steep cliffs to bury their dead.
The lovely route begins south-east of the village of Zakros , passes through the gorge and ends up next to the Minoan palace at Kato Zakros.
The gorge has two entrances. The first entrance is close to Zakros village (there are relative signs). The other entrance is approximately in the midway from Zakros to Kato Zakros. At that point there is parking area and a bus shelter. The walking from there lasts approximately two hours and the route is unique.
Because of its natural beauty and archaeological significance the gorge attracts numerous visitors every year.
The gorge walk takes about 2 hours depending on your pace and your fitness levels, and ends at the beautiful beach town of Kato Zakros.

In the canyon ends and European path E4, which starts from the Pyrenees Mountains and through France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Hungary and Bulgaria reach the mainland Greece to the Peloponnese to arrive in Crete and in particular in Kato Zakros.

Be careful not to forget to take water with you.


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