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The Silversmithing Museum

The Silversmithing Museum is located in the castle of Ioannina, and more specifically in the western bastion of the north-eastern acropolis (Its Kale). It occupies the bastion’s two levels, as well as the adjacent building of the old cookhouses.

Its objective is to preserve our knowledge of Epirote silversmithing and to disseminate information about its technology to the wider public. Also, to tie in this technology to the social context of the period during which it was developed and flourished.

It is a thematic museum, as it concerns the technology of silversmithing during the pre-industrial period, while simultaneously being a regional museum, as it focuses principally on the history of silversmithing in the region of Epirus. Temporally, the exhibition refers essentially to the post-Byzantine period, from the 15th century onwards, but without excluding references to the more distant past, given that the technology used to produce silverware often dates back to much older periods of time.

The Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP) supports the preservation and showcasing of Greece’s cultural heritage, with an emphasis on its artisanal and industrial technology, and promotes the connection of Culture with the Environment.


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