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thermal baths Methana

The springs of the area are well known ever since the 3rd century A.D., when historians mention an eruption of the volcano.Follow a fascinating route to the fishing village of Agios Georgios and on to the Baths of Pausanias, one of the peninsula’s hot springs. There are two types of springs operating today: namely sodium chloride and sulphur (thermal and natural springs). There are two sodium chloride springs situated one kilometre away from the sulphurous ones near the coast, in a cavernous hollow that is 4m long and 3m wide. The thermal sodium chloride springs are suitable for various gynaecological ailments, infertility as well as rheumatic diseases. The natural sulphur springs are suitable for various types of skin and arthritic diseases.

One of the most interesting facts about the district’s bathing facilities is the traditional main building of the Methana spa, designed by the well known architect Ernest Ziller. It is supposed to have been built in 1917 and is in the neoclassical style, with its composition, function and morphological structure being governed by rationality. It is horizontally divided into a base, main body and upper part and the building is symmetrical regarding its two central axes. Moreover, as was the custom in public buildings of the time, the main part and the two ends protrude from the rest of the building.

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