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Here are the most beautiful old houses of Edessa, built on the rock with the unique architecture that you will meet all over Macedonia. The unique Byzantine churches of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and St. Peter and Paul, built in the 14th century and with interesting frescoes, strengthen the special atmosphere of the neighborhood.

In 1944 the Germans burned the greater part of the district because of its position as a center of resistance now. In 1983 he was declared a traditional settlement and recently has been restoring the houses which now relied on the study of regeneration of WEIGHT, which took first prize among other studies of the EU

The houses that saved the Varosi dating to the 19th century and is a good example of traditional architecture makedonitikis. Most houses are popular but there are mansions. Usually two-storey buildings with open ledges covered balcony and roof. Inside they have a courtyard, and around the courtyards organized semi-outdoor spaces, “the loggia”.

Video by: Andreas Koutsothanasis


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