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Varousi is a characteristic settlement of the post-Byzantine age. The preserved village of Varousi, with its architecture, its structure, its colors and its peculiarity, travels the visitor over the centuries, giving evidence of the social and economic life of its inhabitants. At the same time it is the real jewel of the city, a wonderful medieval ensemble. Here the visitor has the opportunity to admire the magnificent houses, the narrow streets, the loggias, the large and closed courtyards, which with great love and incomparable style were created by the master craftsmen of that time.
The residential labyrinth with secret exits protects the inventiveness and hard struggle of survival given by the people of the past against weather phenomena and conquests. Another element revealing the economic and spiritual blossom is the multitude of Orthodox churches. The ten in number of the churches of the settlement offer the visitor rich information about the architectural style, the decoration, the style of building and separating the church in its parts. A visit to a holy temple is also of an anthropological interest, since it is known that the churches were always the places of concentration of the faithful, not always the reason for assembly to be devotional or religious. This visit will therefore provide an opportunity to understand the deep relationship of the inhabitants of a region with their parish, as well as the entire nation with the Church in the course of time.


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