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Voidokilia, the natural monument located in Pylos, is one of the most photographed sandy beaches in Greece. The splendid semicircle it forms, its crystal-clear turquoise waters and its white sand dunes with its fine powdery sand make up a splendid landscape. It is located north of Pylos, on the Ionian coast, and borders the lagoon of Gialova, from which it is separated by a strip of dunes. The beach and the wider area have been characterized as a place of special natural beauty and is part of the Natura 2000 Network. At the southern end of Voidokilia, Cape Krysafion, where the ruins of the classical town of Pylos were located. The beach is accessed by a dirt road that runs through the lagoon of Gialova, from a dirt road from Petrohori village and from a path from the beach of Divari. It is believed that the beach corresponds to Voufrata Beach, which, according to the Odyssey, arrived at Tilemachos’ ship on arrival in the Peloponnese in order to meet Nestor and Menelaus. In the Early Helladic period a settlement was built in the area that had a large-scale building, which might have been the administrative center. The settlement was inhabited continuously as well as the HR III period. On the northern side of the beach are the ruins of a vaulted tomb of the Mycenaean period. On the southern side of the beach are the ruins of a medieval castle built by the Franks of the Peloponnese in the 13th century, which is now known as Palaiokastro or


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