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The War Museum of Kilkis is located on the pine-covered hill of Iroon, which is 2.5 km southwest of the city center. The main theme of the museum is the three-day battle of Kilkis-Lachan against the Bulgarians (19-21 June 1913). The exhibits include documents from 1912-1913, personal belongings of the officers who took part in the battle of Kilkis, uniforms, weapons (mortars, shells, guns, etc.), and regimental flags. Of particular interest is the relief map and the audiovisual presentation of the battle.

The visitor is biased to the specific role played by the region in the Second Balkan War since the ascent of the hill, as the winding road leading to the museum is adorned with busts of heroes. The busts surround the monument, an imposing statue in memory of the fallen, which dominates the courtyard of the museum. At the gate there are guns of mountain artillery during the war, while near the monument are exposed newer guns.


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