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The waterfalls of Dimosari are just 4 kilometers from the sea and are next to the most tourist and cosmopolitan part of the island Nydri, but the tranquility of the landscape is unique. The Dimosari gorge, the area where the waterfalls lie, gathers its waters in the Dimosari stream, which then crosses the plain of Nydri and ends up in the sea.

Access is easy and walking is minimal. There is an informative sign on the right of the Nydri peripheral road. Then, crossing a beautiful path between lemon groves, we will soon reach the point where we have to leave the car. From there you will start a 20-minute hike in the Dimosari gorge, which keeps all your senses on alert. The first sound is the purl of water. The vegetation is dense. The golden-yellow colors that take the leaves of the plane trees create colorful nests among the green. The rocks in the river bed, smooth and carved, are glowing.

The first waterfall we encounter is the smallest one, called years, and forms a beautiful blue-green pond. Both he and the next are said to be hiding among huge rocks. At the entrance there is an almost “arched” opening from which the rock has been cut off. The next waterfall of about 12 meters completes the unique experience. Even with a small amount of water to meet someone, it does not diminish the magic. A blue-green lake is formed in front of you. The sound of water, the rocks so high and imposing around you, are awe-inspiring.

The poet Aristotle Valaoritis wrote the poem “The Uprooted Tree”, inspired by the rush of the torrent of the gorge.

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