Amorgos is a Cycladic island in the Aegean Sea. It is located at the southeastern edge of the Cyclades, southeast of Naxos. It has two natural harbors, Katapola and Aegiali. The capital is the Chora. Permanent residents of the island are 1,859 (according to the 2001 record) who are involved in fishing, livestock farming and agriculture. Amorgos is an ideal hiking destination. There are paths that start and / or end up in a settlement and offer the visitor stunning natural landscape views. Amorgos was scene to Luc Besson’s cult movie “The Big Blue”. The Big Blue (French: Le Grand Bleu) is a 1988 English-language film. You should watch this movie before you go to Amorgos. Amorgos you will get a taste of the Greek hospitality. Its inhabitants have been tested for many years, as it has deliberately been declared as “the island of the infrequent line”. They have been deprived of communication and now (that the island is growing rapidly) the Amorgians generously give out unforgettable moments to whoever chooses to visit their island. The Amorgians are good people, proud and, despite the increase in tourism over the last few years, they have remained pure and true to the manners and customs of their land. Psimeni raki is a local homemade liquor with flavour of honey, cinnemon and clove, made since ancient times on Amorgos.

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