Anafi is a Cycladic island in the Aegean Sea. It is located east of Santorini with which it is the southeastern islands of the Cyclades, and is 150 miles from Piraeus. The capital of the island is Anafi (Chora), where it is the traditional settlement and is located in the southern part of the island. The main port of the island is Agios Nikolaos. Characterized as an island of special natural beauty, Anafi has a rich aquifer, a fact that is rare for Cyclades islands, resulting in many locations created by the inhabitants, small lush gardens. The Chora, built amphitheatrically on the hill, features the whitewashed houses with domes in the roof, the narrow stone paths, all built on the ruins of the Venetian Castle. Anafi, almost intact from time, has golden sandy beaches and shallow waters. The island is the only place for those who want a peaceful holiday, a clean natural environment and a simple way of life close to its hospitable inhabitants. Traditional products: Handmade Pasta (Balloons), Xerotangana, Sesamomelo,Melitera. Honey

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