Assos is located on the northwest side of the island and is perhaps the most picturesque village of Kefalonia. Τraditional houses, unique peninsula, the Castle of Assos , will amaze you! Assos is very close to the beautiful beach of Myrtos. The distance from Argostoli is approximately 30 km. Τhe harbor receives thousands of tourists during the summer season. Do not forget to climb up to the Castle and admire the unique view. The Venetian Castle of Assos was one of the great castles of the era, along with that of St. George. The castle still remains in a very good condition. It was the Venetians conquerors of Kefalonia who decided that peninsula of Assos, this small piece of land in the sea , would be an ideal site to build a castle. The arched gate of the castle is saved till today and will impress you. The walls of the castle arriving around 3000 meters and are also saved.

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