The Cassandra Peninsula welcomes thousands of holidaymakers every summer to travel to the beaches that they dreamed throughout the winter. The most densely populated area of the three peninsulas of Halkidiki, apart from its lace coasts stretching for several kilometers and the crystal clear waters. Kassandra is the westernmost tip of Chalkidiki and is relatively close to Thessaloniki. Impressive is the entrance to Kassandra as it joins Chalkidiki with the bridge of Nea Potidea, the first village that the visitor meets. In fact, the peninsula of Kassandra is an island separated from the mainland by the Potidea Canal, from where the panoramic view is spectacular especially the sunset. It is worth mentioning that the ancient name of Kassandra was Flegra, which means a place of fire.

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The bridge N Potidaia is 1.250m long and 40m wide, has existed since ancient times

Probably the King Kassandros opened the Bridge in 315 BC, when on the ruins of the ancient Potidea the King, built Kassandria,