Chios is the island of Homer, located in the northeastern Aegean Sea. The long history of Chios has proven the island's maritime power. Since ancient times, it has been known that they carried out commercial raids in the Mediterranean, in Egypt and in the Black Sea. At the Naval Museum of Chios you will see a good sample of its shipping history. Although the island is a settlement dating back to the Neolithic Age, many exhibits have not survived because of the Roman invasions and the powerful earthquakes that completely destroyed the island. The rebuilding of Chios began in the 11th century. With characteristic buildings in the Genoese era (1346-1566), you will find the Castle, the Anavat fortress, the medieval villages (Mesta, Pyrgi, Olympi, Kalamoti). At the same time, the production and trade of mastic is systematically organized. The mastic of Chios is cultivated in Mastichochoria. Kampos of Chios fully emphasizes the features of the island, which is none other than the heady aromas and nobility.

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The castle of Chios is one of the largest castles in Greece.