The city of Zakynthos or Chora, is the capital of Zakynthos. It is located in the eastern part of the island. The town is a modern town because it was built in 1953 after the big earthquakes. But the imposing traditional buildings with arches, arched windows and picturesque squares preserve the traditional style of the old town.Also in town is the main port of the island that connects Zakynthos with the Peloponnese. Tourists called the city 'Venice of the South' because of its particular architectural physiognomy. The population of the city is 12,000 inhabitants according to the latest inventory. In Zakynthos we can find the Museum of Eminent Zakynthians, the Byzantine Museum, the Museum of Agios Dionysios and the Mausoleum of Solomos and Kalvos. We can also visit the Castle on the hill of Bohalis and the hill of Strani, where Dionysios Solomos composed the "Hymn to Freedom ". In the city there is the Renaissance church of Faneromeni.Faneromeni is a church of 16th-century that was destroyed in 1953 but reconstructed in traditional ways and with all the detail, is a sample of post-Byzantine heptansian architecture. In the city of Zakynthos we also find all the comforts for the visitors. It is a modern city with a historical spirit. At a distance of 1 km from the city there is the Bochalis Hill, from there you can admire the panoramic view of city of Zakynthos and the magical waters of Ionian Sea.

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