Fiskardo is located in the north of Kefalonia and is the most cosmopolitan region of Kefalonia. It is located in Erisos, Kefalonia with the just 205 permanent residents. Located at the northern end of the island, at the narrowest point of the channel that separates Kefalonia from Ithaca. Known around the world with countless boats that’s fill the harbor and colorful houses surround it.Fiskardo is a preserved settlement, as it is one of the few of Kefalonia, not flattened by the devastating earthquakes of 1953. It is a unique landscape with picturesque houses with bright colors, lush nature and crystal clear waters. Fiscardo was named after Norman Crusader Robert Howard, who captured it in 1085 and has never been able to leave it since then! It is the birthplace of the poet Nikos Kavvadias and so far is rescued his family home

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