Folegandros is one of the islands that impress even the photos. A landscape both wild and charming, with one of the most beautiful and well-preserved Aegean countries, with medieval elements and paths leading to enchanting beaches. Folegandros is an island of Cyclades between Sikinos and Milos. It is also called Polycandros or Polykandros. Its shores are steep and form many capetes such as Kastelli, Kyparissos, Aspropounta, Vitsentzos, Grota, Livadi, Livadaki etc .. The island has two large settlements. The capital is Chora, with 316 inhabitants, built on the eastern side, at a height of 200 m. The other settlement is Ano Meria where it is located to the north with a population of 291 inhabitants, and is the most traditional part of the island. It is the rural settlement with the houses to be spaced apart and create the so-called "Themones". Smaller settlements of the island are Petoussi and the port of the island, which is Karavostatis. Gastronomy Folegandros (Local Taste): • Matsata (handmade pasta accompanied by rooster / rabbit / red beef) • Capers stifado • Karpouzenia (traditional sweet with watermelon, honey and sesame) • Souroto (creamy white cheese) • Melichloro (soft white cheese rinsed in the sea) • Kallasuna (traditional pie with strawberry and onion) • Cookies (with sesame seeds baked in a traditional wood oven, ideal for breakfast) •Revithada (greek traditional food) •Thyme honey •Melopites

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