Giannitsa is the largest city in the regional unit of Pella and the capital of the Pella municipality, in the region of Central Macedonia in northern Greece. The municipal unit Giannitsa has an area of 208.105 km2.Its population is 31,983 people. It includes a few outlying villages (Mesiano, Melissi, Pentaplatanos, Archontiko, Ampelies and Damiano). The municipality Pella as a whole includes many villages and has 63,122 inhabitants. The city is located in the center of Macedonia between Mount Paiko and the plain of Giannitsa, and is the economic, commercial and industrial center of the Pella regional unit. European route E86 (Greek National Road 2) runs along the south of the city. The former shallow, swampy, and variable-sized Giannitsa Lake or Loudias Lake, fed by the Loudias River and south of the city, was drained in 1928-1932 by the New York Foundation Company. About 7 km (4 mi) from Giannitsa are the ruins of ancient Pella, birthplace of Alexander the Great and capital of ancient Macedonia. The city is 48 km (30 mi) from Thessaloniki. The city was founded as Yenice-i Vardar 'new (town) of Vardar' in around 1372. It was sometimes called Evrenos Beg yöresi 'Evrenos Bey's town' The Military museum of Giannitsa, (opened 24/2/2012) displays photographs, texts, weapons, uniforms, medals and other materials, with a particular emphasis on the Battle of the Swamp and the Balkan Wars 1912-1913. The Folklore Museum of Giannitsa (opened 10/1977) by the "Philippos" History and Folklore Association to promote local history and traditions. Sports There is a motocross track northwest of the city, in the foothills of Mount Paiko, where local, Greek, and European races are run. At the river Loudias, there are rowing races in which the Nautical Club participates.

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