Ithaca is an island of the Ionian Islands and is located in the south of Lefkada and in the northeast of Kefalonia. Ithaca's main island has an area of 96 square kilometres and had a population in 2011 of 3,231. It is the second-smallest of seven main Ionian Islands, after Paxoi. The island took its name from Ithakos, the first inhabitant of the island according to mythology. The capital of the island is Vathi. It is located approximately in the center of the island. Ithaca has a rich division on the eastern coastline, characterized by many bays and capes. The most popular beach of the island is Filiatro is the most crowded and cosmopolitan beach of Ithaca. Even a wonderful beach is Gidaki. Many consider Gidaki the most beautiful beach of Ithaca, and it is often among the best beaches of Greece! One of the most beautiful villages in Ithaca is Kioni. It has great views and enchanting beaches. The Monastery of Katharon is also a major attraction. The Monastery of Katharon is built across the bay of Ithaca port, so its bell tower is visible from all over the southern island. Finally, the Nautical and Folklore Museum is an interesting destination with more than 1,500 exhibits. The gastronomy of Ithaca combines the western influences with the Greek element. It is a sample of Mediterranean diet. The vegetable oil, local good wine, the animal products, meats and fish are the mainstay of local cooking, as well as grasses and local vegetables such as artichokes, weeds, lambs, chicory, worms, cherry, cherry. There is a clear preference for herbs, E.g. In the spinach, a kind of marjoram. Modern Ithaca is generally identified with Homer's Ithaca, the home of Odysseus, whose delayed return to the island is the Odyssey's plot. “Keep Ithaca always in your mind. Arriving there is what you are destined for”

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