Following the road along the back of Amorgo after 12 km from Hora, arrive at Kato Meria. The well kept fields of the households in the area with various plantations, their pets, and the surrounding calmness all compose a beautiful landscape. The first village we meet on our tour is Kamari, with 40 inhabitants and beautiful homes, located on the hillside overlooking the entire valley. It lies 12 km from the town and the main occupation and concern of residents is fishing, agriculture and livestock. Next is a village called Vroutsi with 82 inhabitants, who are engaged in farming. Moving along we come across the village of Arkesini, with 218 residents, located 15 km from Hora. The houses are built on the slopes of Mount Korakas, a white mountain, and they look like they are about to slide off the slope. Continuing on our way we reach Kolofana which is 18 km from the town and has 49 inhabitants. There are cafés and rooms to rent, elegantly spaced out houses built according to the Amorgian style with their own yards and gardens. Eventually we reach Agia Paraskevi. This place is sacred for all the inhabitants of Amorgos and the small Cyclades. Each year, in her honour, 26 of July, a big festival takes place. Here the famous patatato dish is offered (about 2000 people arrive to honour this saint). All food (meat, bread) and labour are offerings from the faithful of the miraculous Agia Paraskevi. Rooms have been built next to the church to accommodate visitors as well as a kitchen, a store room and dining rooms for serving the food at the festival. The beach Paradeisia is found approximately 300 metres west of the church. On the northern side of the beach, you will find remains of ancient Christian era, which when the north wind blows get sprayed by the sea. We are back on the road to Kalotaritissa and just before we reach the beautiful bay, on the right we can see in Gulf Liverou a boat that was cast ashore during the storm. Next we reach the beautiful beach of Kalotaritissa which is full of fishermen, boats and nets altogether creating picturesque scenery that will stay in your mind for a long time. Kato Meria is one of the most beautiful parts of the island and especially for those who are in search of tranquility and a natural life.

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