Kimolos belongs to the Southwest Cyclades complex. The transfer to the island is made by ferry from Piraeus to Psathi port of the island or by plane using the airport of neighboring Milos with which it is connected daily with ferries and boats. It is a volcanic island with an area of 37 square kilometers, with a unique variety of rocks characteristic of their white color, "chalk of earth". Its inhabitants, who are concentrated in Horio, are mainly engaged in shipping, agriculture, fishing, mining of "chalk land" and tourism. The island's flora and fauna is unique. Here we come across the Mediterranean seal, the only species of viper ''lempetina'', the blue lizard, the oceanfish, the golden owl, a rare species of hawk, and many migratory birds. In the municipality of Kimolos the island of Polyaigos is included, as well as two smaller ones: Agios Efstathios (Saint Fethis) and Agios Georgios (Agios Georgios) owned by Kimolos. The island gave its name to the white rock, the chalk known from the blackboard. Smaller settlements inhabited mainly in the summer are Psathi, Goupa, Rema, Kara, Prasa, Aliki, and Bonatsa.

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