Metsovo (Greek: Μέτσοβο) is a town in Epirus on the mountains of Pindus in northern Greece, between Ioannina to the north and Meteora to the south. The largest centre of Aromanian life in Greece, Metsovo is a large regional hub for several small villages and settlements in the region of Pindus, and features many shops, schools, offices, services, museums and galleries. Primary aspects of the economy of Metsovo are agriculture and tourism and is a popular tourist destination, particularly during the winter. The town is famous for its local cheeses (Metsovone and Metsovela) and winemaking industries, including the Katogi vineyard of the Averoff family. A museum named Averoff Gallery is dedicated to Georgios Averoff. Metsovo is also a popular winter vacation destination and a ski resort. The Metsovo Ski Centre is situated not far from the centre of Metsovo. Metsovo is the home of the benefactors Nikolaos Stournaras, Eleni Tositsa, Michael Tositsas and Georgios Averoff, in whose honour the National Technical University of Athens is called Metsovion in Greek. Another notable individual from Metsovo is the former minister and former leader of the New Democracy party Evangelos Averoff. You’ll realise how important food is for Metsovo at a first glance, or may we say at a “first smell”!!! The tavernas in the village’s square are set early on, with their spits roasting all sorts of meats. Enjoy 'epic' feasts; kontosouvli in parchment paper, delicious sausages and “loads” of pies! This is where you’ll find stores selling the region’s dairy products, of which metsovone and metsovela cheeses stand out. Pass by the Tositsa Dairy Foundation, train your tastebuds, learn and purchase excellent dairy products. Finally, don’t miss the Averoff Winery Katogi; a place of great interest as you can find its bottled wine, Katogi, one of the most renowned in the country.The forested mountains, three rivers and an artificial lake guarantee a stimulating holiday! If you are in search of an active vacation, the area is ideal for hiking on its marked trails, climbing, mountainbiking, off-road jeep adventuring, kayaking, rafting and of course skiing on the ski centers’ slopes at "Karakoli", "Prophet Elias" and "Zygos". On the opposite side of Metsovo (6 km) is Anilio Village holding a long tradition in wood processing (anilio: means no sun, which derives from the fact that the sun sees the village for a short period during the day). Anthochori Village, which is crossed by Rona Stream, is located 13km southwest of Metsovo. Visit its restored water mills that have now become a Museum of Ηydrokinetics. Don’t miss a tour by the artificial lake of Aoos River Springs, where you’ll get the chance to shoot breathtaking pictures, especially during sunset, of islets covered with fir trees and amazing little fjords.

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