Milos is a volcanic island located southwest of the Cyclades with its capital Plaka. It is said that his name derives from the word "Vilos" which evolved into "Milo" and meant "sheep". A feature of Milos is its natural harbor, Adamas, one of the largest in the Mediterranean. In combination with the mineral wealth of the island, he played and plays an important role in the history, culture, economy and development of the inhabitants of Milos.The  connection between Milos and Piraeus is daily. The geological composition of Milos is volcanic and differs from that of the other Cycladic islands, with the exception of that of Kimolos. It has no forests, no rich vegetation, running waters and rivers, but it has many beautiful beaches, more than 75 with sandy beaches and crystal blue waters, with the unique white, red, yellow or black rocks that you can not find anywhere else in the rest of Greece.

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