Naxos is the largest island of Cyclades in the Aegean Sea with its capital of Chora. The island with a history of centuries, unique sights, landscapes, hospitable residents and good food. Ancient Portara welcomes you to the harbor - the marble supernatural framework, the same as the National Geographic label - and the view of the medieval castle. In the hinterland there are proud towers - among them, the Bazaios Tower is built. Built in the 17th century, for centuries it was used as a monastery of the Holy Cross. Even today, when Naxos has entered the tourist development trail, the majority of the island's people are not only concerned with the tourist professions. Agriculture, livestock farming, marble quarries, trade occupy a large part residents of Naxos .The endless sandy beaches, with clear waters along the south and southwestern coasts and the northern side of Naxos, hide beautiful scenery and landscapes. Windsurf enthusiasts will find on the island unique conditions to engage in their favorite sport. Finally wonderful medieval settlements and "timeless" villages (such as Tripods, Filoti and Apiranthos) invite you to experience their beauty. You meet the mountain of Zeus, Za, the fertile plains, the monasteries.

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