MESSINIAN OINOUSSES: SCHIZA AND SAPIENZA South of Messinia, in the open sea of Methoni, we come across the Messinian Oinousses island complex, comprising Schiza, Sapienza, Venetiko, Aghia Mariani (Aghia Marina), and the islets Avgo, Dyo Aderfia and Boba. The Messinian Oinousses, along with Cape Akritas, have been included in the Natura 2000 Network, with code GR2550003. The deepest point of the Mediterranean Sea is located south of the complex, and it is known as the "Shaft of Oinousses;" 5,121 m. deep, this is where research connected with the NESTOR experiment (Neutrino Extended Submarine Telescope with Oceanographic Research) takes place. The aim of this experiment is to detect neutrinos, the almost immaterial, invisible particles, which are believed to hold significant information about the universe's past and future.

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