The Perfecture Achaia has many attractions to show and hosts numerous challenges for the demanding guests. The prefecture offers a range of emotions and opportunities for recreation, entertainment, leisure, rest and sight-seeing .Whoever has the opportunity to visit Achaia is certain to love the place and become a good friend who will visit it often... City of Patras (capital) emerged from the ancient city of legendary Patreas, is the port that connects Greece to Western Europe and it is characterised by its impressive architecture and street layout. The rich historical and cultural heritage of Patras, along with the lively pace of modern life, gives it a unique character. The Carnival every spring, the International Festival every summer, and the Municipal Theatre with its’ active presence, are a few remarkable examples of the artistic traditions of the city of Patras. The prefecture of Achaia is the west gateway to Europe, offering easy access to some of the most important archaeological sites in the country: Ancient Olympia, Delphi, Epidaurus Temple of Apollo, Mycenae, Athens. The travel time from Patras to the aforementioned archeological sites, varies from one to two and a half hours, via the national highway road, which allows return within the same day.

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