Perfecture Drama is part of the Region of East Macedonia and Thrace. Its capital is the town of Drama. The Thessaloniki–Svilengrad railway passes through Drama and Paranesti.The prefecture of Drama is a special place of Greece, due to its natural environment. We support this, not only, because it includes almost all vegetation zones that one can meet in Greece, but also, because the flora of the region is very rich in plant species (over than 1000), including the unique ones for Greece, as well. The fauna of Drama is particularly gifted in species and populations. In the northern part, where it extends one of the most important Greek mountain ecosystems, the Central Rhodope’s one, we can find - perhaps not all - but certainly, the majority of the wildlife up to the Greek mountains. The gorges, slopes and grassland, as well, are combined with the variety of vegetation and create appropriate conditions for the coexistence of many species of wildlife. Drama prefecture, due to its rich fauna, both in species and populations, is one of the most famous hunting places all over Greece. For dwellers of our prefecture, hunting is a traditional activity with deep social roots of the past, since huntings were a necessary part of forest populations’ diet. Folk culture of Drama region, as the entire northern area of Greece, is notable, not only for the wealth and power of its single forms, but also 1for the survival or the historic remnants of the ancient Greek and Byzantine tradition on it. There are traditional customs of particular significance, which are presented in festivals and events throughout the year or in seasonally critical times, which reveal religious piety, combined with a wide range of popular tradition, as it is transmitted from generation to generation. Tobacco was the most significant occupation in the area. Today, over the large number 1of the tobacco warehouses, reigns absolute quiet. Through the shut windows and the iron doors, immerges a slight scent of the great eastern tobaccos and there is a sense that people from the past are still there. A trip along the Wine Roads is chock full of great experiences, but it’s also flexible. Design your own itinerary and pace. Savor culture, history and culinary delights anywhere and everywhere along the way. The Wine Roads are really a series of suggested, select routes for the avid and curious traveler interested in visiting some of the most picturesque and fascinating venues in Europe.

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