Perfecture Evrytania is one of the regional units of Greece. The capital is the city of Karpenisi. It is often called "Switzerland" of Greece. Prefecture Evrytania is considered an ideal destination for a holiday in all seasons. District Evrytania is a true wonder of nature and has very beautiful scenery: mountains with forests, deep valleys, rivers, waterfalls, gorges; everything is beautiful. Evrytania is almost entirely formed of mountains like mountain Tymfristos  and Panaitoliko. Also Evrytania has many rivers inside her like the Acheloos in the west, Agrafiotis to the east, and Megdova in the east flowing down to the Ionian Sea. Evrytania also features a famous skiing resort "Velouchi" located near Karpenisi on the Tymfristos mountain. The name of Evrytania dates back to ancient times, the area was first settled around 6000 to 5000 BC. In the 2nd century BC it fell into Roman hands, and became part of the Roman province of Macedonia. In the 3rd century Evrytania joined to the Byzantine Empire. After the Byzantine Empire many parts of Greece like the eastern and the southern parts were definitively ruled by the Ottomans, but the area around Agrafa in Evrytania managed to sustain complete autonomy due to the difficulties experienced in conquest of the region. After 400 years became part of Greece. From 1940 to 1949 the area was affected by World War II, and later the Greek Civil War. Peace finally returned to Evrytania until know. Sightseeing in Evrytania. The region has many traditional villages that offer the ideal surroundings for relaxation like Mikro and megalo Chorio ,Voutiro and Agrafa. In the modern city of Karpenisi you can find lively nightlife and many activities. The alpine gastronomic pleasures, such as the special prosciutto of Proussos and the delicious sausages of Karpenisi. Feta cheese and other dairy products, such as the famous "Tsalafouti". Tsipouro, fir tree honey and "Velouchi" mountain tea

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